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Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage

Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage


Enjoy the finest local treats and tidbits at Country’s Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage! This store has been providing favourite local snacks such as dried fruit, candies and chocolate for over 17 years. There is also an assortment of dried and sugared cuttlefish, prawn biscuits, and more if you fancy something savoury. It’s here that everyone will find local confectioneries from all corners of the country, which make perfect gifts to tourists or visiting friends.

Cuisine : Snack & Desserts
Outlet Type : Grocery/ Specialty Food Supply
Operations Hours

1000 - 2200 hours

Outlet Phone No 012-6512009

Country's Tid-Bits & Candies Cottage
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