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The Alley

The Alley


The Alley certainly has its own fanbase, and for good reason! This booming bubble tea brand is famous for its ‘Deerioca’ boba pearls, which are hand rolled for the ultimate chewy factor. That isn’t the only thing made by hand here; The Alley also prepares their own cane sugar syrup and handpicks tea to create a satisfying blend of flavours in every cup. It’s this heavenly taste that keeps the lines long all day. And while many fans order and go, it’s also worthwhile to have a seat and enjoy the cosy atmosphere in store, too!

Cuisine : Snack & Desserts
Outlet Type : Coffee Shop/ Specialty Beverages
Operations Hours

1000 - 2200 hours

Outlet Phone No 011-16138783

The Alley
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