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Eureka Snack Bar

Eureka Snack Bar


Lowest of calories, unparalleled crunch; only in popcorn do we find that perfect munch—And when it comes to the fine art of popped corn, nobody does it like Eureka Snack Bar! Though it found a beginning in an unintentional moment of stumbled-into perfection (that made them go “Eureka!”), it is in their uncompromising emphasis on redefining what “Snack Time” meant as an experience, plus a genuine love for that life-changing bite that shines through undeniably in their every offering, that they find that special something which keeps them miles ahead of their the true Snack Time Masterminds.

Outlet Type : Grocery/ Specialty Food Supply
Operations Hours

1000 - 2200 hours

Outlet Phone No 014-6174972

Eureka Snack Bar
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